I am an IT guy, automotive & space geek, cyclist, explorer, adventurer, traveler, & motorcycle enthusiast. Currently living in the city of Durham in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where vast natural beauty spreads from the mountains to the sea.

My foray into photography began a few years back, when I bought a well used Nikon D90 from Craigslist on a whim to simply find an avenue for some after work relaxation. My love for this hobby grew exponentially ever since.

Now I am routinely engaging in my surroundings with my gear enjoying the process of attempting to technically evolve, while looking to unveil and share those seemingly ordinary, yet very much extraordinarily magic, prosaic sights that we encounter each day.

I hope you enjoy looking through the variety of the portfolio, and my personal take on those subjects I have had the chance to witness. 

If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same… yours is the earth and everything that’s in it.

- Rudyard KiplinG